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While navigating around the vast world of the Internet I have come across some places that I like to share in case you have not yet found them.
If you are part of the Escalante or Navarro family and own or operate your own web site, would like the rest of the family to know about it, let us know so that we can include you in our list.

Keep in touch with the last news from the Espinosa family visiting their site
Do you ever wonder how some things work? well, you might find your answer here
Math is everywhere! and a very easy way of learning how to handle those problems is by going back to basics... here you'll find that exac t thing.
Bryan and I are math fanatics, so we really enjoy this site, take a peek
Looking for an online Translater? well this one is one of my favorites
This is an Excellent Virus Scan Program, but what is really impressive, it's FREE (New Version 9.0 is now Release)
This is your free resource for math review material from Algebra to Differential Equations!
You got to watch this!

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